Rogue River basic information

The Rogue River is one of the most cherished rivers in the country.  It has been a lifeblood for people throughout the human history of our continent and is now beloved for the incredible scenery, recreation and fishing is provides.  At 215 miles with only one major dam the Rogue is a pristine river for one of this length and one you can find the perfect trip for a variety of trip lengths, skills, and desires.  

The Rogue River has 7 major sections most people bundle the river into:

1. The Upper upper Rogue River.  This is everything above dam at Lost Creek Lake.  Above the lake the river breaks into 3 main forks with the North Fork generally being considered the primary And which has its headwaters on the North Side of Crater Lake.

2. The Dam to Dodge Bridge.  This section is typically considered the upper Rogue or “Shady Cove Section.”  Clear cold water and small class I and II rapids mostly make up this section.  When floating here except to see a lot of back yards.

3. Dodge Bridge to the Gold Hill Ramp.  This is the Touville/Gold Hill Section.  The Gold Hill section includes two signficant class IV rapids and a number of class III rapids.  This is a popular trip for commercial raft trips.  You can find Orange Torpedo Trips Nugget Falls Trip.

4. Gold Hill boat ramp to Robertson Bridge. This is the middle Rogue/Grants Pass section.  Primarily made up by floating through a populated corridor with many class I and small II rapids.  Not much for whitewater.

5. Robertson Bridge to Grave Creek.  This is the very popular “recreation section” of the Rogue River.  This is the most popular rafting section of the Rogue River and where we provide most of our single day rentals.

6. Grave Creek to Foster Bar.  The famous Wild and Scenic Rogue River.  The section of the river the entire river is most known for.  One of the premier multi-day wilderness trips in the United States. We rent all the river gear you need for this section.  This is also the most famous section of the Rogue River Trail.

7. Foster bar to the Ocean at Gold Beach.   The LOWER Rogue.  Primarily made up of class I and very small class II whitewater with long sections of flat water.  This section is not very popular with floaters and is most occupied by jetboaters but it does have very scenic areas.

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