Lower Salmon Raft Rentals

The Lower Salmon is without question, one of the last great multi-day river trips one can do without having to go through a lottery for a permit.  This incredible trip can be done in anywhere between 4 and 8 days, includes 4 scenic gorges, many class II and III rapids and at standard summer flows, 2 class IV rapids.   This trip is typically run from Hammer Creek on the Salmon River to Heller Bar on the Snake River.  Most people spend 3 nights on the Salmon and one night on the Snake River to break up the last twenty miles of flat water on the snake.

If you just rent the raft you will need to pick it up before your trip and return it to us at the conclusion.  If you would like us to drop the gear at Hammer Creek and pickup at Heller just add the pickup/drop-off option to your package.  It is a flat rate for UP TO 4 rafts.  

Please remember that both the put-in and takeout for this trip are on PACIFIC TIME.  If you are driving up from the south you will switch time-zones in Riggins.

We do not rent gear for the Lower Salmon at flows over 15,000 CFS on the White Bird Idaho Gauge. This usually happens sometime around early July.

Most common put-in: Hammer Creek

Most common takeout: Heller Bar, Although Pittsburgh landing is the ideal solution.  You can hire a jetboat to pick you and your gear up at the Snake/Salmon confluence and jet you up to Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh landing is only 17 miles from Hammer Creek, where you started.  Cheaper shuttle and cheaper gear pick up price. Book a jetback through Salmon River Tours - https://chinabarlodge.com/raft-shuttles-jet-backs/

Most common duration: 5 days.

How to book your gear and logistics.

  1. Choose the type of boat(s) you want and the number of days of your trip - Hit BOOK NOW.
  2. Select the number of boats
  3. Select your launch date
  4. Select the logistics and add-ons you want.

Available Add-ones

  • Beaver Tail - $7 per dayAdd a beaver tail to the stern for stacking your gear on.

    Extra Drybags - $12 per day per bag
    Raft rentals include up to 4 dry bags per raft. Reserve extras.

    Farmer John Wetsuit
    $20 per day

    Large Ammo Can
    $10 per day

    Small Ammo Can
    $5 per day

    Oar Rights
    Have Oar rights on your rental oars. 1 = a full set for your rental.
    $9 per day

    Splash Top
    $10 per day

Add-on Gear drop/pickup

  • Gear Drop off at Hammer Creek for up to 3 rafts. - Most Popular Lower Salmon put-in

    Gear pickup at Heller Bar for up to 3 rafts. The Lower Salmon takeout.

    Gear drop off at Pine Bar for up to 3 rafts - Popular Lower Salmon put-in if you want to shorten the trip a day.

For toilets, fire-pans, add those items separately to your cart.

Things to note 

  • If you book a gear drop and pickup, you will also need a vehicle shuttle.  Gear drop/pickup does not include moving people.
  • Your group will be needed to assist in loading rafts at your takeout.
  • Learn about our cancellation policy here: https://www.whitewatercowboys.com/reservation-policies
  • Idaho Oared Raft Rental (multi-day)

    Idaho Oared Raft Rental (multi-day)

    Perfect for multi-day trips on the Main Salmon, Riggins section, lower salmon or Hells Canyon.

    Most rental sets are 16ft tributary/AIRE rafts with a 4-bay frame, 1x drybox, 1x 95qrt cooler, 3x oars, 4x dry-bags, 4x PFD’s, 1x Pump, 1x raft repair kit, 12x straps, 1x throw-bag.

    A few set ups are 14ft boats with same basic equipment.

  • Toilet Rental - Idaho

    Toilet Rental - Idaho

    Rent A toilet system for your trip.  We have both Selway Fabrication and Partner Steel Toilets.  

  • Fire Pan Rental - Idaho

    Fire Pan Rental - Idaho

    Rent a fire pay for a trip on the Salmon or Snake Rivers

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