Whitewater Cowboys is offering “for-hire” shuttle services to commercial outfitters, moving guests to the river and from the river.  We are also offering special pricing for company rig shuttles.  So if you need your gear rigs moved we are happy to help.

The easiest way to book your shuttles is using the links below.  

We will bill outfitters at the end of the month for all shuttle provided that month.

If you need anything or have questions please e-mail, or .

Commercial Shuttle Calendar - We will work to keep this updated so you can verify your shuttle is good to go.

Commercial Shuttles.  Please book your people drop-off shuttles, people pick-up shuttles, and your company rig shuttles using the items below.  You will be billed monthly.

  • Commercial Vehicle Shuttle

    Commercial Vehicle Shuttle


    Commercial companies - Book your company rig shuttles.

    Shuttles via bear camp

    Almeda or similar to Foster Bar/Hog Eddy - $155

    Grave Creek launch - Add $49

    Q-Creek drop off - Add $45

  • Commercial guest Put-in

    Commercial guest Put-in

    Use this to schedule a guest drop off at any put-in location between Hog Creek and Grave Creek.  We will pick up guests at Grants Pass area hotels, Morrison’s or Galice.

  • Commercial Guest Pick-up - Foster Bar/Hog Eddy/Q-creek

    Commercial Guest Pick-up - Foster Bar/Hog Eddy/Q-creek

    Book this for us to pick up your guests and a guide at Foster Bar or Hog Eddy and return them to Galice, Morrison’s, or OTT.  Max capacity per van is 12 guests and 1 guide.  Please book the appropriate number of vans needed.

    Via Bear Camp - 

    Foster Bar/Hog Eddy - $459

    Q-creek - $499

  • Airport Pickup/Drop off

    Airport Pickup/Drop off


    Van of up to 12 people for a pickup or drop at the Medford Airport.  Assumes group is ready to go and all together and going to our shop or a Grants Pass area hotel.

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