Rogue River Day trip guide

Rogue River ‘Recreation Section’ 

Single day rafting

The Rogue River section near Galice Oregon is the most popular day trip on Oregon’s most famous river. In contrast to the other popular day section, the ‘Shady Cove’ section, the water down here is warmer, the scenery more wild, the waves in the rapids are a little bigger, and it is arguably just a little more overall fun.  So if you are looking for a fun day on the Rogue River this is the section to look at.  

If you have never been on this section of river or are nervous about going by yourself we would recommend going on a guided trip - Learn more about a guided trip on this section

Boat ramps on this section from top to bottom:

  • Robertson Bridge
  • Hog Creek - Most common full and half-day launch point
  • Indian Mary
  • Ennis - Most popular launch for 3/4 day trip and whitewater focused trip
  • Galice - Popular half-day takeout and run local restaurant
  • Rand
  • Almeda
  • Argo - Popular full and 3/4 day takeout
  • Grave Creek - the last takeout, when you float under the bridge and see a boat ramp on the right it is time to exit the river.

Whitewater: At normal summer river flows every rapid in this section is typically considered class II.  Within that class II range some are slightly harder than others but all are in the class II range.

Main rapids listed top to bottom are:

  • Dunn Riffle - Bigger
  • Rooster tail
  • Rainbow
  • Ennis
  • Upper  Galice - Bigger
  • Lower Galice - Bigger
  • Chair
  • Island
  • Almeda - Bigger
  • Argo - Biggest. Still class II but the most challenging rapid on this section at most river levels 
  • Wooldridge 


To raft this section you did not need any access permits.  You do need an Oregon waterway access permit that you would need to boat anywhere in the state but these are included with our rentals.  If you are bringing your own boat and need one you should purchase in advance on the Oregon State Marine Board website.

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