Rogue River Multi Day Raft Rentals

The “Wild and Scenic” section of the Rogue River is one of the premier rafting destinations in the country. Well known for the beautiful campsites, scenic tributary waterfalls, hikes and swimming holes; it is also known for the whitewater. In the rafting world if you say Blossom Bar and Mule Creek Canyon all river runners know what your talking about. So if you are fortunate enough to pull a permit for this rafting paradise let us help set you up with the best equipment for your adventure.  

At Whitewater Cowboys we are first and foremost, river runners. We use the same high quality Sotar or tributary rafts and Sawyer Oars on our personal trips. We rent top of the line Partner stoves and Partner or Selway Fabrication toilets. We rent the you high quality equipment because it’s the stuff we want on our trips. If you have questions about the river, just call us. We are here to help make your trip down the canyon the highlight of your year.

Basic Rentals. You pick up the boat at our shop and return it to us when you are done. Great option for anyone with a trailer.

Full Service Rentals. This includes us dropping gear at your put-in, picking the gear up at the takeout, and moving a car for you from the put-in to the takeout. We do not move guests in our vehicles. 

The cost of the gear pickup/drop-off is included in the cost of the first raft you rent, so subsequent rafts up to 4 total rafts (what we can stack on one trailer) will be discounted $175 for every raft as they can load on the same pickup vehicle.  If you would like more than 1 car shuttled per raft you rent the cost for additional cars is $159 per car (assuming bear camp route, other routes have different rates).

Things to note 

  • Your group will be needed to assist in loading rafts at Foster Bar.
  • Additional Fees apply in early season when we need to travel alternate routes. These are flat fees per reservation, not per raft.  One fee per up to 4 rafts.
  • Eden Valley - $140 full service fee
  • Coast route - $314 full service fee.

Rogue River Raft Rentals

  • Rogue River Oared Raft (Multi Day)

    Oared Raft

    $150 per day

    14ft rafts that are ideal for 2 or max 3 adults.  

    Includes: Raft, frame, cooler, dry-box, 3 oars, 3 oar locks, pump, raft repair kit, throw rope, PFD’s, optional helmets and up to 4 60L drybags. 

  • Rogue River Paddle Raft (Multi Day)

    Paddle Raft

    $130 per day

    This set up is great for a group of 5 paddlers traveling along with a group rowing a couple center frame rafts to take gear.

    Includes: Raft, Paddles, PFD’s, Pump, Repair kit, up to 4 60L drybags.

  • Rogue River Inflatable Kayak (Multi Day)

    Inflatable Kayak

    $60 per day

    Includes: Tributary Tomcat Solo, IK Paddle, PFD, optional helmet, optional pump, raft repair kit

Equipment Rentals

  • Roll Table

    Roll Table

    $15 per day
  • Selway Fabrication Portable Toilet

    Selway Fabrication Portable Toilet

    $35 per day

    Selway Fab Toilets are the best system on the market.  Most rentals will get these toilets but there is occasions where someone will get a Partner Steel setup which is also a great system.  Includes, toilet system, you must bring your own TP - Also, after years of problems with the SCAT Machine at Foster Bar we now include a mandatory $35 cleaning fee for toilets.  You can just return them and we will get them cleaned.

  • AIRE 1.5 inch Sleeping Pad

    AIRE 1.5 inch Sleeping Pad

    $15 per day
  • Bear Canister

    Bear Canister

    $5 per day

    Using a bear canister is an effective tactic to protect our bears from becoming habituated to human interaction and you protect your food. It is basically the smart AND responsible thing to do if you are hiking the trail. Really, it is not a terrible idea for rafting groups but it should be considered an essential decision for hikers.  You can rent a BearVault 450 or 500 from us and help make sure you keep your food for your trip while also helping to protect our local bears.

    This bear canister rental opportunity is part of a pilot project made possible through a collaboration between Whitewater Cowboys, state and federal agencies, and several non-profit organizations with funding from the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund. The goal of the pilot project is to reduce conflicts and better protect bears and hikers alike.

  • Full Kitchen

    Full Kitchen

    $35 per day

    Rental kitchen includes everything you need for up to 12 people: Partner 2-burner stove, 5 gallon propane tank, plates, bowls, mugs, flatwar, serving spoons, spatulas, tongs, cheese grater, wire whisk, measuring spoons, potato peeler, 4 kitchen knives and kitchen shears, cutting boards, cork screw, can opener, pliers, pot holders, oven mit, tin foil roll, garbage bags, lighter, matches, napkins, grill brush, big mixing bowls, sauce pans, stock pot w/lid, hand sanitizer, table cloth, clothes pins, salt/pepper, toothpicks, DISHWASHING KIT: 2 pair rubber gloves, dish soap, bleach, sponge, scrubber, hand soap, dish towel, wire strainer, 3 wash tubs, directions.

  • Fire Pan (Multi Day)

    Fire Pan

  • Wetsuit (Multi Day)


    $25 per day

    NRS farmer John wetsuit.

  • PFD (Lifejacket) (Multi Day)

    PFD (Lifejacket)

    $10 per day
  • Raft Paddle (Multi Day)

    Raft Paddle

    $5 per day
  • Kayak Paddle (Multi Day)

    Kayak Paddle

    $10 per day

High Gas Price Surcharge Policy

While Whitewater Cowboys strives to keep rafting as affordable as possible we are forced to respond to the recent high fluctuations in gas prices.  For the summer of 2022 we are installing the following Sur-charge policies in response to evolving gas prices.

  • Fee Level 1 - Gas prices are $5.00-$5.49 per gallon from our supplier to us.
  • Fee Level 2 - Gas prices are $5.50-$5.99 per gallon from our supplier to us.

Full Service Rentals

Fee Level 1

Foster Bar - Bear Camp $11.00

Foster Bar - Eden Valley $19.00

Foster Bar - Coast $36.00

Fee Level 2

Foster Bar - Bear Camp $16.50

Foster Bar - Eden Valley $28.50

Foster Bar - Coast $54.00

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