Main Salmon Raft Rentals

“The River of No Return” is easily one of the most incredible river trips in the United States.  While on this trip you cross one of the largest wilderness areas in the lower 48 states, run a significant number of class III and IV rapids, camp in world-class river-side camps, go on beautiful hikes and visit fascinating historic homesteads.  The Main Salmon is one of those incredible trips.

We are excited to help outfit you for your trip on the Main Salmon and we have the equipment to  make your adventure a great one.  One challenge however for the Main Salmon is the logistics.  As mentioned, it flows through a large wilderness with pretty extreme vehicle shuttles around.  We do offer an equipment drop-off service where we will drop your boat at the put-in but due to the significant drive around it is reasonably expensive.  It is a flat fee so while it is expensive if renting one boat, if you are renting three or four boats it is actually pretty reasonable.  Another great option for trips in late June or through sometime in July is to do a jet back.  If you want us to drop your gear at Vinegar creek so you can jet up river and then float back down the cost for the gear drop/pick-up is very reasonable.

  • Most people do this trip in 5-7 days.
  • Most common Put-in - Corn Creek
  • Most common takeout - Carrey Creek
  • Drop-off pickup of equipment does not include a vehicle shuttle and is a flat price for UP-TO four rafts.
  • If you choose to pickup the rafts at our shop and return them after the trip we are based in Riggins which you have to drive through at the end of your trip.

How to book your gear and logistics.

  1. Choose the type of boat(s) you want and the number of days of your trip - Hit BOOK NOW.
  2. Select the number of boats
  3. Select your launch date
  4. Select the logistics and add-ons you want.

Available Add-ones

  • Beaver Tail - $7 per dayAdd a beaver tail to the stern for stacking your gear on.

    Extra Drybags - $12 per day per bag
    Raft rentals include up to 4 dry bags per raft. Reserve extras.

    Farmer John Wetsuit
    $20 per day

    Large Ammo Can
    $10 per day

    Small Ammo Can
    $5 per day

    Oar Rights
    Have Oar rights on your rental oars. 1 = a full set for your rental.
    $9 per day

    Splash Top
    $10 per day

Add-on Gear drop/pickup

  • Gear Drop off at Corn Creek for up to 4 rafts.

    Gear pickup at Carrey Creek for up to 4 boats.

    Gear pick up at Spring Bar for up to 4 boats. - Alternate takeout one more night down river From Carrey Creek

For toilets, fire-pans, add those items separately to your cart.

Things to note 

  • If you book a gear drop and pickup, you will also need a vehicle shuttle.  Gear drop/pickup does not include moving people.
  • Your group will be needed to assist in loading rafts at your takeout.
  • Learn about our cancellation policy here:
  • Idaho Oared Raft Rental (multi-day)

    Idaho Oared Raft Rental (multi-day)

    Perfect for multi-day trips on the Main Salmon, Riggins section, lower salmon or Hells Canyon.

    Most rental sets are 16ft tributary/AIRE rafts with a 4-bay frame, 1x drybox, 1x 95qrt cooler, 3x oars, 4x dry-bags, 4x PFD’s, 1x Pump, 1x raft repair kit, 12x straps, 1x throw-bag.

    A few set ups are 14ft boats with same basic equipment.

  • Toilet Rental - Idaho

    Toilet Rental - Idaho

    Rent A toilet system for your trip.  We have both Selway Fabrication and Partner Steel Toilets.  

  • Fire Pan Rental - Idaho

    Fire Pan Rental - Idaho

    Rent a fire pay for a trip on the Salmon or Snake Rivers

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